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What is CryptoAds Marketplace

CryptoAds Marketplace is a powerful decentralized marketing and advertising platform built on Ethereum Blockchain. CFC Company developed a cloud based software system for internal use and B2C sector; and now it’s time for expanding into the growing B2B marketplace. The platform is completely transparent and provides secure solutions for brands, digital advertisers, marketers, content publishers and everyday Internet users, who receive the opportunity to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges. CryptoAds Marketplace will give to advertisers an opportunity to place a variety of ad units (native video, live-casting ads, 360 ads, “in the round”, vertical video, in-app, and walls) at an unlimited number of traffic sources with AI and Blockchain technologies and without having to worry about proper execution.

CryptoAds model is already implemented inside project (launched in 2005) with 7M registered users and profit-generating returns. This project will be base to growing platform worldwide.

Market and Industry

Global digital advertisement spending will take 44 percent, or $269.85 billion, of all ad money spent globally in 2018, with that figure reaching 50 percent, or $335.48 billion, by 2020.

Video is the number one fastest growing ad format in the world and has been doubling YoY. Three quarters of all mobile traffic will be used for video in 2023, according to a new report by telecommunications equipment company Ericsson.

Overall, worldwide mobile data traffic will increase to 110 exabytes per month in 2023, according to Ericsson, or the equivalent of 5.5 million years of streaming HD video. It’s eight times the 14 exabytes per month we used in 2017.

Key findings:

  • Data traffic grew 65% between Q3 2016 and Q3 2017
  • LTE becomes the dominant mobile access technology in 2017
  • In 2023, there will be 9.1 billion mobile subscriptions, 8.5 billion mobile broadband subscriptions and 6.2 billion unique mobile subscribers
  • 1 billion 5G subscriptions for enhanced mobile broadband are expected in 2023
  • 14 Gigabit LTE networks have been commercially launched
  • 5G will be highly beneficial for augmented reality (AR)-based industrial applications

The Challenges

Digital advertising is overrun by middlemen, trackers and fraud

High fees for Advertisers

High fees for Advertisers are caused by long value chain involving a variety of intermediaries with a relatively high share in the markup.

Media buyers can get kickbacks from ad platforms with their client’s money and pocket the difference without anyone ever knowing. These ad rebates hurt advertisers while the middleman profits… billions of dollars a year.

Publishers are powerless

At least 50% of all digital ad revenue is lost in the ad buying ecosystem before it reaches the publishers. Even though they control the audience everyone wants access to, the publishers’ hands are tied.

Ad networks fraud

The global cost of ad fraud will reach 50 billion in the next 10 years. Deceptive tactics such as click farms and ad stacking are burning billions in advertisers’ budgets. The middlemen who control the ad buying process are the only ones with the data to audit it. The amount of global advertising revenue wasted on fraudulent traffic, or clicks automatically generated by bots, reached $16.4 billion in 2017, according to a new study commissioned by WPP and cited by Business Insider.

Low Rev-Share

Current ad-buying ecosystems take at least 30-60% of revenue generated and some platforms don’t even disclose how much they share with publishers.

The Solution

A powerful advertising platform CryptoAds Marketplace built on Ethereum.

Blockchain technology

The blockchain allows us to create a more secure ad platform that’s better for both advertisers and publishers.


In-house developed multi-level fraud prevention system protects against bot traffic and fraud. In the today’s ad market, even large corporations sometimes can’t prevent fraud, because they can’t guarantee users a public loyalty confirmation. They use cookies, or SDK, but can’t guarantee that this user will stay out of fraud.

Why blockchain?

A next generation reputation system based on blockchain

“A good reputation is more valuable than money.”

In blockchain system, no third party is involved, as all transactions must be made publicly and transparently, thus various services can be provided.




Storing the history of advertising offers and rewards


Opportunity to see a full-fledged advertising campaign from different points in different agencies


Prevention of unfair competition and underpricing of offers


Rating of advertising agencies basing on the amount and accuracy of reward payouts




The history of user activity in the blockchain system


User’s priorities for rewards


The ability to offer selected priority advertising campaigns to super users based on smart contracts


Reputation tracking system will help to detect and disclose fraudsters and to protect the advertisers’ money

How CryptoAds Marketplace Works

Participation and interaction with other users in our platform will require usage of our Ethereum-based ERC20 token CryptoAds.

Advertisers create ad content and media resources to be offered to their target audiences. In exchange for ad space, the Advertisers offer payment in the form of tokens to Publishers. The Advertisers can specify where and how their ads should be delivered, and how much they are willing to pay.

Publishers agree to display the content produced by the Advertisers on their websites in exchange for token payments. The Publishers can specify criteria for advertisements that they are willing to display, including rates per click and per impression, ad type and genre, price range, duration of display time, etc.

Business model

The platform provides bandwidth and compute capacity to verify the legitimacy of clicks and impressions in exchange for a percentage of the token payments. Collectively, the Platform serves as a decentralized referee of the transactions between Advertisers and Publishers.

Benefits for the Parties

Consumers get digital content and rewards from Publishers.
Advertisers get direct attention and engagement from Consumers, experience lower advertising costs and have greater control over their content.  Publishers get higher transactional revenue from Advertisers omitting intermediaries with their high margins and non-transparent pricing.

Target Market Segment and Market Ambitions

CryptoAds Marketplace taps on the B2B market sectors of Native Online Advertisement (estimated at $36Bn by 2021), Online Research (~$40Bn market size), and Big Data analytics ($232Bn market size) with imminent blockchain-driven disruption.
With modest 1% fee, CryptoAds Marketplace will collect over 220 million dollars in fees per year, if we can capture only 10% of global digital advertisement spending.

Token functionality

CryptoAds is a blockchain token that powers the CryptoAds Marketplace. It is designed for superior performance and focused on micropayments, used by users to watch videos, by producers to monetize their work and incentivize the network, and by advertisers to pay for a moment of users’ attention. Then advertisers need to buy CryptoAds, creating a complete, closed and organic token economy on the platform. The token will be used for:

  • advertisers (to pay for advertisement),
  • publishers (to accept payments from advertisers and reward users),
  • for users to receive rewards for advertisement,
  • inside CFC to replace existing means of payment.


After finishing token sale, CFC will snapshot current balances and all future transactions to convert them into blockchain. So, conversion of existing CFC coins, into CRADs, will start immediately, just technology will change in future.

We are using Ethereum ERC-20 standard for creating a token that is freely transferable and super secure. The issue of CryptoAds is limited with a fixed amount, so there will never be another CRAD issued.

Blockchain will keep all history of users’ activity. This activity log will be a basis for smart contracts to serve ads based on various special criteria including used platforms, user types and their reputation.  Historical data analytics and smart targeting will build up a token usability and valuation. Company are using now coins to reward users. You can download the apps here:

After the token sale, we will start the process migration for existing and new customers and conversion past transactions into blockchain. Within the next six months, we will launch a full version, where publishers and customers will have more advanced options to customize their operations with tokens.

Now, the Company has 7M registered users and positive revenue. Users get coins rewards and spend to make calls.

If you have CRADs and like to convert into CFC bonus, just fill this form. You will receive an answer with wallet address.

Token Allocation



Earning via Publishers and Partners


Open pre-sale and sale




Rewards to users (discount for services)




The Team

We will sell 40% of the tokens pool:

  • 28% pre-sale/sale,
  • 10% to the team,
  • 2% bounty.

Rest of the tokens (60%) will be allocated to grow network and reward publishers and users for purchasing services.

Users will get token reward to do discounted free calls or other services.

Funds Allocation


  • Admin & Operations 15%
  • Legal & Registration 5%
  • Marketing & Sales 30%
  • Research & Development 50%


Dec 01

CFC was started

backend and web client was developed and launched

Feb 13

R&D of apps

iOS, Android and OS X

Jun 10

Cloud Platform launch

More users – more servers

May 15

ICO Phase #1 (Pre-Sale)

Early-stage crowdsale

Jun 15

ICO Phase #2 (Sale)

Main milestone of crowdsale

Jul 16

Launch token on Etherium

Tokens will be issued after the end of crowdsale

Jul 25

Exchange listing

Listing on top cryptocurrency stock exchanges

Aug 10

Platform Development

Jan 15

Platform launch

Apr 07

Acquire and convert existing Ad Networks

Geographical expansion and growing the ecosystem

Meet The Team

Oleksii Vinogradov

Oleksii Vinogradov

Founder, CEO

Serial entrepreneur and investor with twenty-five years of experience. Founder of CFC, Heartln Inc. President/Owner of IXC Softswitch.

Valeriia Zaraniants

Valeriia Zaraniants


CEO of IXC Global Inc.

Andriy Mykhailyshyn

Andriy Mykhailyshyn


Making innovations & driving company to success.Full Stack Developer / Architect (C/C++, Objective-C, Swift, Java, JavaScript) at CFC, SoftServe, Sigma Software Group.

Dennis Gubsky

Dennis Gubsky

Android developer

Has more than 20 years of various fields of software development. Currently enjoing Android development making various projects for phones and tablets.

Yuriy Chumak

Yuriy Chumak

Core Engineer

Well-organized, determined and result oriented Software Engineer with 18+ years of experience in software design, development (technical solutions design, code and testing) and optimization for large- and small- scale projects.

Denys Kunytskyi

Denys Kunytskyi

Mobile SDK Engineer

C/C++/STL/Boost with emphasis on object-oriented programming OpenGL, OpenGL ES, DirectX, Unity3D Microsoft Windows SDK, Visual C++, Multithreading and Synchronization Mac Os/iOs SDK, Xcode, provision portal Objective-C and core MacOs/iOs frameworks.

Evgenia Yanitskaya

Evgenia Yanitskaya


Head of technical Support at IXC Global Inc.


Igor Ryabenkiy

Igor Ryabenkiy


Managing Partner at Altair Capital Management

Kostiantyn Bravo

Kostiantyn Bravo


21-year experience of entrepreneurial activity in real estate, securities, investment, business development.

Dmitry Kuplevatsky

Dmitry Kuplevatsky


Internet entrepreneur with vast experience founding and developing innovative projects and automating and scaling up digital marketing processes. Founder of GrandMobi Ltd (mobile advertising company), Co-Founder of CFC and Binary Media LTD (affiliate network).

AltaIR Capital Management

AltaIR Capital Management


The venture capital firm that invests in tech companies, primarily in the areas of Internet and Mobile.

Alex Shifrin

Alex Shifrin

Managing Partner at LP/AD

A proven advertising professional with a solid history of successful entrepreneurship and international experience, Alex is currently Managing Partner at LP/AD, a Toronto-based creative and advertising agency. Previously, he served as CEO at Saatchi&Saatchi in Russia, holding the post of Managing Director prior to that. Before moving to Saatchi&Saatchi, Alex was General Director and Founder of TCF, an advertising boutique, which was acquired by Saatchi&Saatchi in 2012.

Our journey

The group of companies with established business on VoIP Wholesale Market started this project at own infrastructure:
  • CFC (CallsFreeCalls) – innovative free VoiP messenger, U.S. based 6-y-old B2C startup with multimillion and high-quality audience. Profitable company with own traffic sources, iOS, Android and OS X apps.
  • IXC Global Inc. was incorporated in the State of Florida in 2008, integrated global IP-based network was designed for the convergence of voice. The leader of wholesale VoIP market.
  • IXC Softswitch – Ukrainian telecommunication company, developing a wide range of information systems and technologies for communication enterprises. The company has been operating since 1999. Portfolio of the company includes systems for billing, softswitch and system for statistics collection. For promotion and maintenance of the products, the company has created a network of representative offices and affiliate companies, located in Russia, Greece and USA. The products of the company have been certified in accordance with Russian standards.
  • IXC Softswitch

    was developed and launched

  • IXC Global Inc.

    was incorporated in Florida

  • CFC was started

    iOS, Android and Mac apps were released (B2C)

  • Raised $1M

    Series A from AltaIR Capital

  • ICO

    Token sale

  • What’s next?

    #1 decentralized advertising platform (B2B)



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All current primary offers of tokens are fraud. What can you say about this?

Possible. When it makes by people, who have never done business. The main shareholder of the project has created dozens of successful companies during 25 years, and it makes no sense of the fraud. Here is the press that writes about him, and where he participated as a speaker:

  1. Oleksii Vinogradov (HeartIn)  How to build Product business in USA from Ukraine – live case. (Dnepr,Jun 17-18,2017)
  2. Challenges & Opportunities in Digital Health & Wearables Market | HeartIn
  3. 2018 WT | Wearable Technologies
  5. Challenges & Opportunities in Digital Health & Wearables using AI and mobile technologies.

Release of your tokens - is a scam

Scam means fraud and losing of reputation of the all team, the founder, and all advisers. And reputation now is a very significant fund. Does it make any sense to lose reputation if you are owner of fund of tens of millions dollars to get the inability to grow this fund?

Will be a bonus program (Bounty) there? For what the rewards will be paid?

Yes it will be. There are 2% of tokens are dedicated for this one. Rewards will be paid for the posts of leaders opinion in their social networks, forums, in groups / channels of telegrams, depending on the audience.

In which currencies do you accept payments?

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin

Why your tokens can be useful for me as for investor?

You buy tokens which will be more and more in demand in the process of project growth and the arrival of new advertisers. You will be able to get significant discounts for services inside the system (while these are calls, but there will be more discounts on game items) or sell tokens later

What exactly do I own after buying a token? Part in the company?

You own a unity-token that forms the interaction economy of advertisers and consumers.The economy is calculated in such way that the token is more and more in demand, depends on refusal of fiat payments.

Was the minimum amount of funds raised determined? What will happen if you do not collect them?

No, it’s not determined. The project is already a working business and there is no need to set the minimum thresholds for launching.

Is there a limit on the raised funds?

Yes, it’s $ 30 million

What will be if you collect more money than you need?

The fees will be used for faster growth and scaling of the project.

What is the probability that after the ICO the tokens price will fall?

Probability is very low. Demand in tokens will be constant from the moment of release of a coins, for using them in Connectivity with new advertisers will just increase the demand and will not let to fall of rate.

What advantages will the blockchain technology give you in comparison with the fiat agencies?

If you take blockchain technology and save there special user settings – for example, device data, application identifier, application interests, it is possible to create a single user profile that will earn a reputation that everyone trusts. In the future, based on smart contracts, it will be possible to offer exclusive offers to such users, which now can not be done by any fiat agency.

What are the main factors that can positive or negative effect on the value of the token in the future?

Negative factors:
– delays with the release of the version of the supporting blockchain
– conservatism of advertisers
– quick dumping of coins by buyers

Positive factors:
– a lot of user involvement in the project (now there are 1.6M users who will get a small amount of coins to return to the application)
– remarketing of logged out users
– exponential growth in the number of advertisers as the project grows

When will the tokens begin to trade on the exchanges? Which ones?

After the completion of the tokens sale and release, we will begin negotiate with the stock exchanges. The project is good, there are preliminary agreements, but usually this process takes some time (3-6 months)

Will be there Pre-sale of tokens?

Yes, there will be, a limited number of tokens. One month, during which you can buy with discount of 30% in the first week, 15% in the second week, and 5% in the remaining two weeks.

I want to invest a large amount of money. Will I have some privileges, for example, the voting right, etc.?

You will get a discount on the purchase (more than 10 thousand dollars – 3%)

Can I withdraw token from your service?

In a some time, there will be an output system which will allow to advertisers to buy tokens by the request of users.

The site nothing says about the escrow account and consultants. How can I trust you?

Trust is achieved by the reputation of the founders and the existing business.
It is much more profitable to grow a coin in value such as to be a market standard.
Then everybody will earn more and there will be not just amounts that they collected but hundreds of times more.

Do your tokens match the ERC20 standard? Can I transfer them to a third-party ETH wallet?

Yes, they match. You can work with any wallet  ERC20.

Contact Us

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Our Address

U.S. Office:

440 Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale CA 94085 United States Tel: +1 (408) 524 1503

U.S. Office

440 Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale CA 94085 United States Tel: +1 (408) 524 1503